Five Tips for Choosing a Coquitlam Personal Injury Lawyer

Five Tips for Choosing a Coquitlam Personal Injury Lawyer

Negligence on the part of another entity (person, company, etc.,) can be a cause of concern when it leads to an injury. As an individual in this situation, no one should be bogged down by their pain. This is where a quality personal injury lawyer comes into play as they help represent you in the court of law. There are various aspects to look out for when trying to hunt for a personal injury lawyer that can appropriately defend your case. This article will list some tips to assist in the process of choosing your personal injury lawyer in Coquitlam BC.

Tip #1: Go for Experienced Lawyers

Personal injury cases require deft knowledge on the part of the lawyer. They should be able to manoeuvre around all of the curve balls that will eventually be thrown. Due to this being a factor, it is important to have someone with knowledge and experience behind them. Do not go for a young lawyer that has never fought a case similar to yours. Look at the track record of the personal injury lawyer and assess whether or not they have what it takes to represent you. After all, it is your money that is being spent on the lawyer, make it count and receive compensation.

While looking for experienced lawyer, it is imperative to remain focused on finding a ‘specialist’. There are lawyers out there that are looking to make money off of clients. Avoid these individuals and look for lawyers that are specifically focused on your type of cases.

Tip #2: Don’t Rush

A lot of times, clients will look to hurriedly select a personal injury lawyer. Avoid making this mistake as it could be the downfall of your case. There could be a much better lawyer out there that would suit your specific case. Do your research and have a conversation with all of the potential candidates. Only after speaking with them, make your final decision.

Tip #3: Choose an Attorney Who Listens

Judging the lawyer’s personality is imperative. You never want to get into a relationship with a lawyer, where you have no say. An attorney is a specialist in the court, but you have to be able to guide them. Hiring a lawyer that has a large ego never goes down well.

Tip #4: Avoid Larger Firms

Personal injury cases are lower down the totem pole at some large law firms. These cases are handed over to juniors within the firm as they look to gain experience. This is not good for clients looking to win their case and receive compensation. There is a more detached feeling when it comes to these types of cases at law firms.

Tip #5: Local Attorneys Are Good

Try finding an attorney that is closer to home. Despite the advances seen with technology (cell phones, skyping), having a lawyer close by is beneficial. Lawyers can easily call their clients to the office and if they are far away it can become a hassle.

Concluding Thoughts

A respectable personal injury lawyer is one that cares about you. Their focus should remain on you and your concerns at all times. If the conversation starts slipping over to the lawyer’s own matters, it is time to call quits and move on.


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